Quentin Armand was born on 7th August 1977 in Royan (FR). He studies at the École d’Art Supérieure of Grenoble, the École d’Art Supérieure of Pau, and at the Pavillon, the pedagogical unit of the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. The irruption of the unexpected in a deceptively mundane world characterizes Quentin Armand’s art. His drawings, sometimes verging on graphic novel style, sometimes stylised or evocative, exude a black or deceptively pink poetry. They depict the metamorphoses of beings and things that inhabit the artist, and that he “pours” onto the paper in order to take a better look at them. They are persistent things, hypo- theses and particular events stemming from life in motion and seen through the prism of drawing. In his installations as well as in his drawings, fantasy and the bizarre suddenly appear in the everyday. The objects are associated, stacked upon one another, put together in the most unlikely combinations, producing hybrid, polymorphous ready-mades, which are neither grotesque nor ridiculous, but ambivalent, out of the norm, without moving too far away from it. Through this “ethology of the common world”, the work of Quentin Armand creates an open narrative space, deprived of any beginning and ending, where what matters is the process, the endeavour, the project-based approach, more than the starting point or the conclusion. A work where shift, in all the aspects of the word, is a fundamental concept. Quentin Armand invites us to shift the way we look at these everyday objects. By doing so, he engages us to shift our position towards unknown spaces and times. This philosophy of travelling became manifest when the artist took part in the art residency programme Holiday in , organised by the art centres Gaworks in London, CAC in Vilnius and Triangle in Marseille, enabling him to undertake extensive travelling in the Baltic states from March to April 2007. Quentin Armand lives, works and exhibits in Grenoble (France). He has taken part in residency programmes and exhibitions in France and internationally.

Sur Ulule, chevauchez un vélo de brume.